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Anti-climax: (n) a disappointing end to an impressive, exciting series of events

I have giggled my way through many a drama class and theatrical discussion as people have tossed the word “climax” in the mix, forgetting that it is a double entendre. If it weren’t for the word “orgasm,” I would not be able to pursue creative adventures without constantly chortling like a schoolboy.

That said, I…

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Three Ways to Give Without Regretting … August 21, 2014

Three Ways to Give Without Regretting … August 21, 2014

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Without giving, there is no getting without taking. Therein lies the dilemma that causes strife, poverty and war.

But can we give without regretting?

1. Start with what you don’t want anymore.

The fact is, your junk is somebody else’s treasure or need. I have a rule that if anything has sat around my house for more than four months without being used, it is time for…

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dictionary with letter A

Anticipate: (v) to regard as probable; to expect, predict

The key to life is to possess a treasure of optimism, which is pilfered sufficiently by your pessimism, to welcome realism.

In other words, if you lead with pessimism and pilfer with optimism, you never actually become realistic, but instead, cynical.

If you try to lead with realism, you usually end up favoring either optimism or…

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Populie: You’ve Got to Play the Game … August 20, 2014

Populie: You’ve Got to Play the Game … August 20, 2014

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monoplyThere is a popular assertion by the masses that “life is a game.” It is usually accompanied by the rallying cry–which is also a lie–that “you’ve got to play the game.”

Thus a populie.

Now, religion, politics and entertainment don’t always have to agree on a premise for it to gain popularity. Sometimes they disagree, which generates great tension, and therefore,…

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dictionary with letter A

Anti-Christ: a great personal opponent of Christ who will spread evil throughout the world before being conquered by the second coming of Christ

Ignoring children

Mistreating women


Lack of care for the poor

Stained-glass windows

Somber religious services

Lip praise

Making things difficult





Moral superiority

Culture clash

Lack of humor


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Quatrains of Suicide … August 19, 2014

Quatrains of Suicide … August 19, 2014

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I feel so bad

Bad is happening everywhere

Everywhere is closing in

In desperation, I exit

cave with light

Sometimes green with envy

Sometimes yellow with cowardice

Oftentimes red with anger

Always black with despair

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